What are the key advantages of this new website program?

  • The choice between multiple market-leading website solutions
  • Industry-leading support through the Shift Digital Volkswagen Digital Consultants (VDCs), with unbiased performance improvement recommendations
  • Complete insight into your digital performance, benchmarking, recommendations for additional opportunities and best practices
  • Best-in-class program value by leveraging brand purchase power and provider competition

Which website providers have been approved for Volkswagen Canada Dealers?

  • Strathcom, Dealer Inspire and SM360 have been certified.

When will my website be live?

Enrollments and launches will proceed in three phases. So, the earlier you enroll, the sooner your website will be live!

What support will be offered?

  • Volkswagen Canada has contracted a first-class support team at Shift Digital for ongoing program management
  • These bilingual Volkswagen Digital Consultants (VDCs) are not incentivized on sales and do not have provider preference
  • The VDCs are part of the overall program structure and do not require any additional cost from the Dealers
  • The VDC team will be your main point of contact for any changes or questions you have regarding your website
  • VDCs are available to interface with the approved website and digital advertising providers for any questions or change requests

The VDCs will support you with:

  • Enrollment in the program and any program related questions
  • Performance review (twice a month)
  • Billing questions, or analytic reviews
  • Email: info@vwdealerdigital.ca, or 833-646-0299

Am I required to enroll in the Volkswagen Dealer Website Program?

  • Yes, all Dealers are required to select one of the approved vendors as their authorized Volkswagen Dealer website provider

When do I have to select a Website Provider?

  • Please select your provider during the Open Enrollment Period beginning July 19.

Will I be without a website at any time?

  • No - We will ensure an effective transition between your Dealer websites so that you are never without a functioning Dealer website

What will happen to Dealer website leads?

  • Dealer website leads will continue to be delivered as they are today
  • The new program will allow Dealers to get better insight into lead and source performance

How will I be able to check the performance of website metrics?

  • Advanced metrics and reports, including lead source performance will be provided via an online portal
  • Additional reports and analysis will be available upon request, through your VDC

What do I do with existing service contracts for non-authorized secondary website providers?

  • Review your existing contracts and exit clauses in order to provide sufficient notice to your current suppliers
  • Dealers are responsible for managing any cancellations for services outside of the program
  • Please be aware vendors may become more aggressive as they have been notified that they are not one of the approved providers

Will digital advertising be available from the providers?

  • Yes, all three vendors will offer search, retargeting, and display digital advertising. An overview will be provided at launch, with further details to come post-launch.
  • Volkswagen Canada has managed conversations with DMT and will continue to do so until sunset of the existing DMT branded websites
  • This will allow your website and digital advertising to seamlessly work together and streamline your digital efforts/ reporting
  • If you are currently enrolled in our Digital Dealer program with DMT will be transitioning your campaigns to your new website provider. More details to follow.

How will I be billed for the new Website?

  • Your website platform costs will be billed through your parts statement on monthly basis

Do we need to maintain Rapid! Response?

Yes, all VW dealers are required to maintain rapid response.

How long will the enrollment period be open for Dealers?

Enrollment will close end of day on October 10th 2017.

What do I do if I have additional questions?

Contact the VDC Support Team at info@vwdealerdigital.ca or 833-646-0299